Life is a singular journey filled with upheavals both joyful and tragic.Whether you have walked life’s path for a short time or have experienced a good length of the road, “This Long Trip to Myself” will speak to you personally.Dramatic, yet quietly reflective; humorous and offbeat; this collection of poems is the beginning of a new life adventure for the author, Steve Saari.


Mere Front

Mere Image is a comedy of complications, conniving, and chicanery. Dr. Leonard VanDrefft, a noted cosmetic surgeon, is perpetually plagued by his tippling, ex-cabaret singer wife, his histrionic daughter, his two wise and worldly sons, a pugnacious maid, and a high-profile client intent on retaining her sex-bomb status at any price. Compromising photographs, a missing briefcase, and improbable imposters are all to be revealed in the premiere issue of a scandal-soaked sleaze rag. Circumstances combine and combust in this farce about the lengths we go for the sake of ‘Mere Image’.

 M- 5, F- 4, 2 Acts

RWF Cover

Harry and Eva Chase are an ordinary married couple embroiled in a rollercoaster ride of desperate preparation for an impending high school class reunion. Harry is an unwilling participant who disapproves of his wife’s whirlwind activities as she readies herself and her home for the arrival of reunion guests. The constant interruptions of an older, meddlesome neighbor and her undulating sexpot daughter only complicate matters. Eva is expecting her best friend from high school who is out for the ultimate reunion revenge: showing up rich, single, and with a ‘boy toy’ many years her junior.

Mistimed trysts and mishandled ‘delicate situations’ lead to misunderstandings that could divide marriages and friendships in the name of reuniting. There are no life-lessons to learn in this antic farce; simply be forewarned: ‘Divided We Stand, REUNITED WE FALL!

2-M, 4-F       Two Acts

RubyLips Cover

Ruby is a young, developmentally disabled woman living in a rural Minnesota town where, beneath the banal realities and covert compromises of small town life, unexpressed yearnings and emotionally shattering experiences occur that irrevocably alter her existence.

She is surrounded and sheltered by her mother, two ‘godmothers’, and the local café owner in whose homey diner the action takes place. The women find within the intimate and intricate lifetime relationship they share a common thread of suppressed desire and longing for what was and what might have been had life dictated a different path. Ruby’s path during the course of the play is one of uncertain self-discovery as she copes with a mother unwilling to let her mature, a private inner world of idealized notions of adulthood, romance, and family, and the harsh reality of untold truths, life set adrift from security, and the cruel sacrifice of sexual innocence.

M-2, F- 5,    3 Acts

TNM Cover

Totally Necessary Men is an off-the-wall comedy about a shy, under-achieving office worker whose life is thrown into chaos with the unexpected arrival of his meddlesome, aging aunt at his modest apartment. Other arrivals following in quick succession include the aunt’s irascible husband, a gone-but-not-forgotten girlfriend and her insanely jealous partner, and a scheming co-worker whose interests encompass not only the office but also the bedroom. The comedy features slapstick and verbal acrobatics that enflame circumstances, engulfing a hapless man-child who finds his life reduced to piffling pandemonium.

3-M, 4-F, 2-M/F   Two Acts



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